Gallery of Pictures

On these pages, you'll be able to see our progress in rescuing the historic Simmons' Stables, and restoring it to it's grandeur. For each picture, click on the image to see it in a larger size (opens in new window). With all our restorations, we are only half-way there - and the plans to refinish the grounds are also underway. Donate today!

Where we started: 

Simmons' Stable missouri saddlebred museum audrain county Simmons' Stables mexico mo missouri audrain county history

Architect Survey and Contract

Simmons' Stables missouri audrain county historical building preservation

Simmons' Stables international saddlebred hall of fame mexico mo

Work Begins

Simmons' Stable horse barn history renovations

missouri historical building preservation saddlebred international hall of fame

simmons stables missouri historical site mo barn renovation

missouri horse barn stables mo historical site simmons

Barn Dormer mexico audrain county missouri mo historical saddlebred

Christmas 2009 - Half way there...

Simmons Stables donate missouri history saddlebred horses

Saddlebred Barn Christmas renovations stables missouri horses