Saving A Major Stable - and Saddlehorse History

Saddlebred Hall of Fame Mexico MOBuilt in Mexico, Missouri, in 1887, Simmons' Stable is the oldest known building in the United States that was continuously devoted to boarding and training champion American Saddlebred horses. Simmons' Stable was a working stable until 2001 and ended a long, distinguished history of horses, trainers, and owners that classified Mexico as the original "Saddlehorse Capital of the World."

Since 2001, the stable had deteriorated badly, resulting in a shifting building with weak side walls, a leaking roof, and interior water damage. In 2002, a group of concerned citizens formed to create the Simmons' Stables Preservation Fund, Inc. to protect this irreplaceable part of history. The goals of the project are to renovate and preserve Simmons' Stable's historic and architectural significance and establish the International Saddlebred Hall of Fame.

This group and its dedicated support community has made much progress towards preserving the stable. 

We would like to invite you to participate in supporting an organization whose goal is to continue Mexico, Missouri's recognition and showcasing of the rich and colorful history of Saddlebred horses. Simmons' Stable Preservation Fund Inc. is a tax exempt 501-c-3 organization.

Consider becoming an annual member... or become one of our growing distinguished list of lifetime members.

See our "Restoring the Boulevard Barn" page for more details on how you can help.

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